Sonny Boy Williamson – Down And Out Blues


Sonny Boy Williamson – Down And Out Blues

Firstly, it’s important to point out which Sonny Boy Williamson this is, you may not be aware but there was two, both blues musicians, both harmonica players, and both pretty damn good! This album is by Sonny Boy Williamson II. This Sonny Boy Is from the deep south, not from Chicago, that would be Sonny Boy Williamson I… In those days people didn’t get sued as often for name usage.

Now we’ve cleared that up, this album is a bloody good. Originally released on Checker in 1959 it contains some of (in my opinion) Sonny Boys Williamsons best songs. Opening track, Don’t Start Me To Talkin’ is in absolute classic and ticks all the blues boxes, 99 is beautiful, an of course all the tracks have a health dose of his signature blues harp! – Mr Moon Cat

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